Chami Zemach

17 November 1970


I was born in Rehovot, Israel and from my early days I learned to appreciate life.

Today I live in the desert and it fills me every day.

I am an entrepreneur in all my body and soul. I love to create and to promote.

To run forward, to build and to establish. Never wanna stop.

I learned in the Hebrew University is Jerusalem where my grandfather David learned 70 years before me.

Two great Professors made me love Social Science and to appreciate people who know how to share their knowledge with their students with no limits.

In the last eight years I became involved in Education a lot. With all my heart.

At home, at work, at the village, in the area. Education is everything.

In education you never win or lose. It is a never ending procedure.



When I was young I played the Trumpet. It is now in my bedroom closet.

From time to time it sneaks out to my lips for a few minutes of a bit of a Jazz or rock ballade.

Leonard Cohen, Sting, Dire Straits, Beatles, Queen, Vysotsky, Aznavour, Montand, Brell.

Danny (Robas, Litany), Meir Ariel, Ehud Banai, Shalom Hanoch, Eran Tzur, Arkadi Duchin.



Russian Authors fascinate me: Solzhenitsyn, Yerofeyev, Voinovich, Rybakov, Bulgakov.

Something in the hard, dramatic, melancholic but optimistic point of view attracts me a lot.

During 2009 I read 11 books of Romain Gary. I couldn’t stop. I didn’t understand how a man with so much love to life woke up one day and finished his life with the same hands that wrote them down.



I eat everything.

Hungarian food like my grandmother used to make me when I was a kid excites me.

I like simple workers restaurants with home made cooked food and dark bread.

A Yemenite soup with a lot of Hilbe.



I collect seconds and minutes for filling them with action so I will not have spare time.

I look for as much time as I can to spend it with my daughters and Oksana. I don’t call it leisure. That is life.


Public activities

Together with some very good partners we lead the area’s youth activity.

I am also the PTA chairman of the local school for the last 7 yeas.

I am a part of the management committee of the village.

I lead and initiate public projects and I like it a lot.

I try to promote positive ideas and acts.

I don’t like demonstrations and protests. I don’t like being against things.

I rather create an alternative and promote it.


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3 Responses to Chami Zemach

  1. Yulia says:

    Dear Chami and Family,

    It was so nice to meet you on fri night. I’m so happy you were able to come to our event in Denver. I hope your family enjoys all your upcoming endeavors. Stay in touch.


  2. Ayelet says:

    Hi Chami
    I saw your email regardinf your new novel (congradulations! This is very exciting:-)).
    I help authors publish their books with Amazon KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing). My children’s book “Sparkly Me” was Amazon’s #1 best seller for 16 weeks. I believe that e-publishing is the future and I would love to help you bring your dream to life. You are welcome to download my book “e-publishing vs. traditional publishing” for free here and contact me.

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