10 Facts about Michal



When we were invited to make a program with 5-6 years old kids in New York, we were very excited and initiated a 45 minutes program that Michal can conduct with a little help from her parents. We called it: Ten Facts about Michal. The program focus on basic understanding of what is Israel, through a meeting with a girl of their age.


1. Michal lives in Israel. It is very far so Michal had to fly 12 hours to get to the USA.

2. The size of the state of Israel is only like the size of New Jersey.

3. Michal lives in the desert. Only 100 years ago all of Israel was a desert.

4. Michal lives in a small village where there are only 50 families.

5. Michal’s house is in the middle of a desert but in her yard grows many trees, fruits and vegetables.

6. Michal speaks Hebrew. When Michal writes In Hebrew she writes from Right to Left.

When Michal reads a book in Hebrew she turns the pages from Right to Left.

7. Michal has 3 sisters, 2 dogs and 3 cats.

8. Michal likes to draw, to sing, to ride her bicycle and to meet new friends.

9. Michal is travelling with her family for one year around the world when she can meet her friends only on skype.

10. Michal has already met with kids in 12 countries around the world and told them a few things they didn’t know about Israel.

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