President Obama is re-elected: The Israeli Point of View / by Chami Zemach



President Obama’s re-election seems to be a responsible decision by the American people, four years after he was first given the chance to lead the way for more than 300 millions of people in 50 states and for other few billions around the whole world.

The elections in the US are mostly about economy. Different agendas dictate different ways to manage economic crises and conduct the economy routine. It seems like Obama did some responsible moves after inheriting a terrible economy as aftershock results of the 9/11 events and getting a huge economical crisis just few months after he was first elected.

As Israelis we always look on the American elections through the prism of global politics and global defense issues as we see America as the major military and political power in the world and as Israel’s major ideology and military ally.

Looking at his foreign affairs policy I can put my finger on some critical moves that seems now (and allow me to say: also seemed to me then) as big mistakes. One of them is the American behavior towards president Mubarak of Egypt that led to an Egyptian disaster that doesn’t seem to serve the Egyptian people or the stability of the Middle East. This move that the western world used to call “the Arab spring” and unfortunately became no more than “the Arab mass” could only evolve from a situation where the radical Islamist powers felt that the American leadership is weakened and will probably not support the Arab leaders, what proved to be right. Those conceptions were taken after a very bad start for the Obama regime on its first moves.

From here in Israel it looks like the policy was then stabilized and those attempts to reach for the Arab world’s friendship were abandoned after the results of the – so called “Arab spring” – started to reveal.

The western civilization and every society who identifies with its values are facing huge challenges at this hour. The radical Islamist powers are lifting their heads and they are fighting against those values that the western world had fought about for hundreds of years, in France, in America, in Israel and in many other places. Western people – and I among them – cannot imagine their life without gender equality, freedom of speech, individual liberty, freedom of occupation and the opportunity to elect the government every few years and criticize it whenever you feel like.

Israel is on the front of this clash between the Western beliefs and Ideology and the Darkness of the alternative. Iranian forces are surrounding Israel from its north, west and south. On the east is the old-new fundamental major power who tries to claim for nuclear ability and aims to destroy Israel when he will achieve this goal.

Through my Israeli point of view I would like to see the 2nd term of president Obama with a more responsible, determined and efficient foreign policy than it used to be during the 1st term. As Israelis, we need a very strong American power to lead the world and protect the western ideals.

Myself, I would like to see an American government who empowers the democratic societies around the world and protects them from the major powers who threatens their stability and the continuous of all what we believe at.

Chami Zemach

The Israeli Family Project, November 7th, 2012


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