A stronger Israeli society is the key for peace in the Middle East


January 2013

“The past two years had been a great adventure for us: preparing the journey, taking off to 11 European countries, and 20 states in the US, making more than 300 programs in 7 months, calling 48 different residents “home”, driving more than 20,000 miles, meeting dozens of thousands of people, sharing our story with so many communities and having the chance to make a difference.

Then coming back home to start building The Israeli Family Organization and the new phase of our mission that started as a one family dream that became real and now is about to become a much wider activity.

The goal is the same: Creating better connections and building better relationship between people around the world and Israel.

We believe that this goal is crucial to the future of Israel: when people will have better understanding of real Israeli life, better view on Israel’s real challenges and better picture of the big puzzle of the Israeli society, then we can hope for more tourists coming to Israel, more Israeli products to be market around the world and for more foreign investments in Israel.

Achieving this goal will be the beginning of a better future for stronger Israeli society.

A stronger Israeli society is the key for peace in the Middle East as only strong Israeli society will feel strong enough to initiate peace agreements with Israel’s neighbors who are now its enemies”.

Chami Zemach

Co founder

The Israeli Family Project

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