Chami Zemach on the Israeli poles today, January 22, 2013



From here it sometimes looks completely different then it looks from “there”

Israel goes to the poles today.

Not less than 33 parties try to reach for seats in the Knesset – Israel’s parliament. It is likely that about 12-14 of them will actually gain at least 2 seats after today’s elections. About 40% of the next parliament members will be new ones.

If you check the Israeli democracy carefully, you probably can see that there is no other democracy that offers more freedom of election, freedom of speech and freedom of belief than Israel. Even if you have some critics about Israel’s policy (in any issue) you may agree with those facts I declared here.


All Israel’s citizens are free to go and vote today, poles are in every neighborhood, every Kibbutz, every Moshav, every Arab town, every Bedouin village, and even in every prison and army base. Jews, Muslims, Christians, Druze, Men, Women, and everyone who is over 18, can go freely today to realize their right as Israeli citizens to vote for their favorite party, discreetly and personally, with no fear.


Photo by Ezra Zahor

Israel will vote today in high percentage. The Israelis will vote for Leftwing parties, for Right wing parties and for parties who say they are not on either side,; Old parties that started at 1948 and completely new parties. A small part of the parties will be extremists, on both sides. Most of the votes will go to reasonable right and reasonable left and for everything that is in the middle.

The Israelis will vote this time mostly about the economical issues even though it is hard to understand who is going to do what about it. The security issues will come only second this time and ‘The conflict’ issues will only come third.

בחירות 4

It is very important that the people around the world will understand that although all this big conflict in the middle east, people – on both sides – care about their economical daily issues more than anything else, about their families and their neighbors and their friends ability to live better life; than they would like to feel safe and just then they think about the conflict and its future solution (if there really is one…).

Just when Israel’s economy will grow stronger and the Israeli society will feel stronger; it will be able to put more attention to solve the conflict (a very difficult enigma). Just when the Israeli society will be much healthier, it will be able to be more generous regarding its positions in the conflict. You can only be generous when you are strong enough.

Eventually it is very important to understand that what the Israelis will vote today is how they see the reality in Israel now. The Israeli’s votes will reflect the reality of the political situation in Israel. Like it or not, it will be a real mirror to what Israelis believe.

I hope that people around the world will understand it as it is and respect the voting of the only democracy in the Middle East, one of only few Asian Democracies and maybe the most democratic country in the world. You must understand that we vote here in Israel and from here it sometimes looks completely different then it looks from “there”.

Good luck to the state of Israel and to the Israelis!

Chami Zemach

The Israeli Family Project

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