Most of the people in the world know not more than a bit about the state of Israel and its people, but they are very much interested in knowing more about them. What people do know about Israel – comes mostly from the news reports that usually cover ‘The conflict’ issues.

We in The Israeli Family know that the state of Israel and the Israeli society are much more than only ‘The conflict’, but the fascinating varieties, issues and aspects of the Israeli society – important and meaningful as they are – are not familiar to most of the people around the world.

A state’s image is given upon what people around the world know of its typical story.

A state’s image is a strategic valuable asset of every country. That is why Israel must act to improve its image in world’s public opinion, by introducing actual meaningful information about Israel to people around the world, knowing that positive Israeli image has significant meaning for Israel’s prosperity.

Positive Israeli image will increase Tourism to Israel, will expand the export of made-in-Israel products and will extract Israel’s attractiveness to foreign investors.

Most of the people in the world are not really against Israel but they do not support Israel because they do not really know The Israeli Story.

That is why

We tell The Israeli Story around the world

To bring more and more people to know The Israeli Story better

To improve the relationship between people around the world and Israel

The Israeli Family Project was created on 2009 by Oksana and Chami Zemach from the village of Kadesh Barnea in the Negev Israeli desert: Zionist, social entrepreneurs who are motivated by the idea of making an effective change in world’s public opinion about Israel – a major key to promote Israel’s prosperity.

Implementing their vision, Oksana, Chami and their daughters started – on August 1st 2011 – a seven months family world tour in eleven European countries and twenty US’s states, meeting more than ten thousand people and personally introducing them to The Israeli Story during hundreds of inspiring programs. They showed them a video of their life in Israel, shared with them their personal story and the story of the Israeli society, cooked food from the variable Israeli kitchen with them, played Israeli music and games with them and taught them how to write their names in Hebrew.

The family made programs during seven intense months, driving more than twenty thousand miles, calling forty eight residents “home”, making programs with everyone who wanted to listen to The Israeli Story, in schools, colleges and even pre-schools; in special events, shows and pot-lucks; in synagogues, temples and churches.

The world tour attracted wide media coverage and the family gave more than hundred interviews for the media. The family shared their activities daily with many people all over the world through The Israeli Family channels on the internet and in social media.

Those ways The Israeli Story found its way to much more people around the world.

We in The Israeli Family believe in the efficiency of popular public diplomacy, represented by real people and families. When a family speaks, they talk to kids, teenagers and adults. When the family spoke and told their story around the world, people wanted to hear their simple, real, human story to understand life in Israel better. The family is the heart of the Israeli society and Israeli families are therefore the natural ambassadors of the Israeli society.

During two years Oksana and Chami Zemach prepared The Israeli Family world tour. They learned, planned, wrote, e-mailed, engaged their daughters with their plans and eventually produced the largest pro-Israeli campaign ever made, something that no one has ever done before.

Coming back home to Israel after their successful world tour as their activity reached and touched many people around the world, Oksana and Chami Zemach decided to establish a meaningful, efficient, effective organization. To lead a vibrant worldwide activity that will bring The Israeli Story to more people around the world, in order to make a positive change in public opinion about Israel and positively affect the future of Israel.

Now it is the time to move

From a dream created by one family to worldwide meaningful activity

To lead for a big change



Five selected volunteer Israeli families will be sent to six months journeys in five routs around the world every year. Those families will be chosen and will be trained to tell their individual stories together with the reach, variable, complex picture of the Israeli society. Every family will act as a small effective mission and each will use their specific talents and abilities to tell their Israeli Family Story in the best way.

The first six months of every year will be dedicated to selecting the families, training them, creating their special programs and building their rout. On the next six months they will make the journeys.

The families will volunteer to the journey and their expenses will be paid by the organization. The journeys will be very intensive and productive and will be supported by wide media coverage, as it has been in the Zemach’s journey.

In every worldwide journey the families will personally meet with thousands of people that will be exposed to their family story and will be able to share it with many others.

The families will be demanded to invest a meaningful part of their lives to represent the Israeli society, by sharing their personal stories with people and media as the whole family will become a unique efficient inspiring team of Ambassadors.

After the families’ return home they will be integrated in other Israeli Family activities.


This program is the answer to a major need that the Zemach family discovered while they met with many people around the world. People everywhere have many questions about Israel and when they do they need on-line, relevant, immediate answers to variable questions.

The heart of the program is an Israeli based call center where real representatives will give online answers to any question one will have about Israel in any time and by any technology.

The call center will be based on the on-line support center for the Ambassadors of The Israeli Family.

Future marketing activities will expose the call center to people around the world.


A training institute will initiate short term programs for training people to become “Amateur Ambassadors of the Israeli Family”. The programs will vary from 4 hours to few day programs and will give the trainees tools to share The Israeli Story with people whom they meet wherever they live and work around the world.

The programs will be suggested for Israelis who meet with others on their work anywhere around the world and for tourists on their visit to Israel who want to understand the Israeli society better and to have more information that will help them represent The Israeli Story the right way.


A book and a movie will expose the complete Israeli Puzzle picture of the Israeli society, through the variable personal stories of dozens Israeli families.

The colorful mix of the different stories from all the different angles will create the full picture of life in Israel today and will be reachable for people all over the world in many languages.


A book and a movie will tell the stories of many different Jewish communities around the world. Their exciting stories, their main interests, challenges and daily life will expose the wide picture of the fascinating Jewish world today.

This vibrant production will be also be a part of the essential bridge between the Israeli people and the Jewish world outside of Israel, as many Israelis know hardly anything about life in the Jewish world outside Israel today.


While they were on The Israeli Family Journey, the Zemachs met with many students in elementary schools, high schools and even pre-schools. The family initiated few programs that showed the life of kids and teenagers in Israel. A program called “Ten facts about Michal” that tells a short story about the Zemach’s youngest daughter – 5 years old Michal – was the base of the idea to create school programs about kids in Israel introducing their daily life and activities to kids around the world.

This one class program gave the kids a short and meaningful introduction to the Israeli story and gave them a short and positive Israeli experience – hopefully – for life.

The Study programs will be multi-language and multi-level, suitable for those who learn about Israel for the first time and also for kids in Jewish schools. The programs will be distributed worldwide and will include books, a website, teacher’s guidance and professional support.

For supporting The Israeli Family activity please contact us as indicated below

The Israeli Family – We tell The Israeli Story around the world 972 (0)8 657 3993

Moshav Kadesh Barnea 43, Haluza 85513, Israel


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