The Israeli Family Project

Oksana and Chami Zemach from Moshav Kadesh Barnea – located in the Negev Desert – studied, worked, administered and lectured about marketing topics for the last fifteen years.


About eight years ago, they moved with their four daughters to Moshav Kadesh Barnea in the desert, where they built their home and a small and unique food factory, called Desert Magic.


In a short time they began to receive groups of tourists from around the world who came to the Moshav (agricultural village) to hear their story. Their story, of an Israeli family that moves itself one fine day into the desert, builds a house and creates a factory out of a dream, is an integral part of the Israeli story.


Two years ago, Oksana and Chami decided to broaden their part in the Israeli public relations effort in an original and unique way that would be expressed in their joint ability to create the Israeli Family Project.


The goal of the Israeli Family Project is to change attitudes among people of the world towards the State of Israel by creating a sense of appreciation and identification with the Israeli Family and thus towards Israel and Israelis. This should lessen the motivation to criticize Israel and to join in boycotts of Israeli products. Another goal is to increase awareness of tourism to Israel and call attention to the varieties of opportunities that exist in Israel.


Monday, August 1st, 2011, will be the beginning of the 365 day world-wide tour of the Israeli Family. During the journey, the Israeli Family will go to dozens of countries and hold hundreds of meetings in a variety of communities throughout the world.


At these meetings the Israeli Family will tell their story, which reflects the story of Israeli society from their special point of view. Aspects of these meetings will include women meetings on Israeli food, cooking and education, youths playing music together, special meetings about industries in outlying communities, desert agriculture and water, and family meetings on topics of authors and literature.


At every meeting an effort will be made to include a known local person who is an expert on the subject of the meeting. The meetings will get wide publicity in the places where the Israeli Family will spend time.


At this time the family, together with a group of friends from various areas of Israeli society, is working on designing the public relations campaign for the Israeli Family; an efficient p.r. campaign that is unique and influential, building the core of the informal activities.


The story of this Israeli Family is an authentic and true story of Israelis of today. It is the story of settlement and renewal, initiative and pioneering of industry and agriculture, of self-realization and social awareness, of education, culture, assuming responsibility and of making the desert bloom. This is a small personal family story that reflects Israeli society. The “Israeli Family” is the Israeli Family from Kadesh Barnea and is also “the Israeli Family of all of us”.


The Israeli family and the support group working with it are committed to creating true processes of change in public opinion towards Israel. The activities are managed by an independent body, non-political, non-profit, striving to improve Israel’s position in the world.


The Israeli family will not attempt to explain Israel’s position in the regional conflict, but rather create a current Israeli narrative based on the values of Israeli society which will help bridge the chasm between Israel’s image in the world and the reality and the values of the Israeli Family in the State of Israel.


This will form the basis for a human personal connection between the Israeli Family and the many people they will meet throughout their journey and the many communities of the world that will be exposed to their story. After the one year journey the achievements gained in the area of p.r. will be continued.



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    I am a friend of Corrie Wallace are you going to be in the Chicago area longer. Would like to meet you. If so where? Best wishes and happy new year!

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