Between Syria and Egypt / Posted on the CNN August 31, 2013


Between Syria and Egypt there is a very small gap, called Israel. This beautiful piece of land sometimes looks like an island amidst the raging ocean of the Middle East.

We live in Israel, and only few hundred meters from the border between Israel and Egypt. We hear the endless shootings from the other side of the border every night. Who is shooting who?

On the north of Israel other people live near the border between Israel and Syria. They here the bombs and see the smoke over the Syrian villages every day. Everyone are shooting everyone. No one knows who is ‘the good guy’ and who is ‘the bad’ one.

When I take a walk with my youngest daughter Michal, near the border, few hundred meters from our house on Saturday afternoon, she asks me why we cannot go and visit the Egyptian soldiers that watch us from the other side of the fence and wave us hello with their hands.

“We’re on an island” I tell her, “and there is the ocean. Maybe someday things are going to be different. Meanwhile, let’s be thankful that the island is here. I am not a water person”.

I look at her beautiful eyes and I am so thankful.

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