9/11 – The dark side of my sleep


Twelve years ago was one of those rare days when I was so tired I dared to sleep at noon.

At 5pm [Israel time], Oksana woke me up aggressively, saying: “look what happened while you were sleeping”….. On the TV screen in front of my bed were the two WTC buildings in the middle of heavy smoke, threatening the New York skyline with grey clouds of horror.

On the dark side of my sleep I found a new world, a world that looks like it came out of a nightmare I just didn’t wake up from. For the first time of my life I actually pinched myself, trying to understand if this is really happening.

I switched from CNN to FOX. The reporters spoke to me not believing they are saying what they actually are. I bet their arms were pinched much more than mind. Over their shoulders I was amazed to watch the first building collapses and then was the other one, in sights that were like taken from an extreme horror movie, but actually a reality been broadcast live!

The world was never again the same after I woke up that day.

[Chami Zemach, The Israeli Family, 9/11 2013]

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