Recommendation By Offer Issarov of The Jewish Agency


June 5, 2013

The “Israeli Family” project is a unique and exceptional program.

Oksana and Chami Zemach are entrepreneurs in the field of cultural- educational workshops. They are the parents to four daughters: Yulia (24) Gali (15), Tamar (13) and Michal (6), and live in Kadesh Barnea in the south of Israel. In August 2011 the Zemach family embarked on their first “Israeli Family” journey. They traveled for seven months, in eleven European countries and twenty different states in the U.S.. During their fascinating journey, the Zemach family made inspiring programs with many Jewish Communities and Jewish Agency emissaries from around the world.

The project was a success, and it appears that the family was successful in influencing the people and communities that they met throughout their journey.

In a world full of conflicts and cynicism, the Zemach family has been able to stay focused on important and relevant issues such as: children’s education in Israel, the importance of developing the land of Israel, daily economic dilemmas, Israeli local food, Israeli music, and so on. The members of the Zemach family are strong English speakers, and they offer experiential programs such as cooking workshops, lectures in different subjects and musical performances. All of these programs are adaptable to different age groups (adults, youth, elementary school, high school, kindergarten, college, retirement homes, etc), as well as non- Jewish groups.

The Zemach family is well followed by Israeli media and local press throughout their entire journey and activities.

In order to express the deep level of impact of the Zemach family, I would like to quote one of our shlichim who brought the family to his community in Ohio:” The uniqueness and variety of this project provides versatile activities in different subjects and for various audiences – children, students, adults, Jews, non –Jews, and businessmen and women. This project is fitting for every community – big, small, rich, and poor. This project is authentic and has huge potential for success because it is relevant for everybody. This project symbolizes family values, it is a voluntary project and therefore audiences can easily relate to and be inspired by its universal message. Their message comes through the “back door” and straight into our hearts. Attraction for Local Media: Properly managing this project will create vast exposure of this unique family’s story, and thus information about life in Israel. Its connection to the Jewish Agency symbolizes change and invigoration wherein local communities can find a new and refreshing way to strengthen their connection to Israel and the activities of the Jewish Agency. I highly recommend this experience” – Or Bass.

From my experience with the Zemach family and their unique project, I highly recommend bringing them to your communities and taking part in their variable workshops.

I have no doubt that the Zemach’s family project represents our beloved Israel and therefore has the ability to strengthen connection to Israel and the essential bridge between Jewish people around the world and Israel and its people. I am certain that this is an experience that you will not soon forget.

Offer Isseroff

Director, Shlichim & Israel Fellows


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