The Jewish Museum attack in Brussels


A hard picture – but reality is much hurder

The Jewish museum in the heart of Brussels ( Musée juif de Belgique) was a quiet – peacefull – modest building untill yesterday. Not many tourists ever heard of this place and when we went to visit the museum as part of our world tour on October 2011, we were the only visitors at the museum.

Yesterday it was two Israeli tourists and two of the museum’s staff who were the direct victims of the terror attack and we do not have to wait for the Belgium police invastigation to know that the motive was anti-semitic, aimed against Jewish ans Israeli targets.

For years the incitement against Jews and against Israel is well mixed by politicians and many organizations around the world. It succeeds to excite the minds of many people who believe that the work of the Nazis was interrupted in the middle only a bit less then 70 years ago.

It is very important that we will listen to the language that is used by Jewish people in Europe when they try to describe what is happening in Europe today. The hatered is everywhere and if will not be afraid of the truth we will find out that anti-semitism is everywhere, just as it used to be in the 30s.

With great regret,

Chami Zemach

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