Graduating from the school year

המשפחה הישראלית סוף שנה תשעד

The past few weeks were dramatic among the Israeli society and there is much more drama probably to come untill this session of hatered and political manipulations will end for a while.
Among the recent events, the Israeli girls and boys finished their school year on the last days of June and started the summer vacation.
Gali finished her 10th grade and had her first two “Bagrut” (final tests) tests. On the upcoming vacation she will be a teacher at the summer activities for the younger kids in our region.
Tamar graduated from her elementary shool (8 years) and next year she will go to high school. She is a brilliant student and as a very diligent teen she is looking for a job for the summer vacation.
Michal just finished her first year at school and now she is started her intensive summer activities.
We would like to wish all the Israeli families and all our friends around the world a safe and happy summer. Watch your kids closely, keep them safe, enjoy the holiday and keep in touch.
From your Israeli Family: Oksana, Chami, Yulia, Gali, Tamar and Michal.
המשפחה הישראלית The Israeli Family


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