Free Gaza ?– What does it mean ?


July 15, 2014

I see people around the world carrying signs saying “Free Gaza” and I would really like to know: What does it mean ?

That Israel will come out of the Gaza stirp ?
- We already did it 9 years ago. There is not even one Israeli inside the Gaza strip since then.

That Israel will let ships into the Gaza harbour so Hamas can recieve more bombs and rockets from Iran Without interruption ?
- Sorry, but we don’t do those kind of things.

Open the border between Israel and Gaza so they can bring in food, toys and every civil equipment and goods they need ?
- We do that every day. Even during those days of war.

Open the border between Gaza and Egypt ?
- Please call the Egyptians. This one is not our responsibility.

Supply them with water and electricity ?
- We are doing it non-stop.

Help the Gaza civillians get rןd of the Hamas who is terrorising them every hour every day ?
- We are trying to do so right now as they are terrorising not only the Palestinan kids but also our Israeli kids.

Join us in trying to get rid of Hamas.
Gaza will be a better place then.
The Gaza families will thank you.

[Chami Zemach   -   July 14, 2014]

המשפחה הישראלית The Israeli Family


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