Michal and Aya


Michal and Aya are soul mates.
You never saw such a friendship between two kids.
They are very close friends since they were born and nothing could separate between them. They actually live at each other (lucky it is only 50 m. away).
Yesterday Aya flew with her family to the US (Bay area) for two years. The past few weeks were dedicated for preparing the two great friends for this moment to come.
We know that kids adjust quickly to changes but we are really sad for the two of them.
A friendship like that is very hard to find.

It was important for us to show you that even in a time like this – people are living in Israel and dealing with other issues then war.
It is very important to understand that we fight against terror for keeping on with this life.
Unfortunately, in the Middle East, practicing everyday’s life is not obvious.
From time to time you have to fight to be able to continue.

Chami and Oksana Zemach

המשפחה הישראלית The Israeli Family

On the pic: Aya and Michal, yesterday

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