The day of Mickey


This is the day of Mickey.
Once in a year it is the day of Mickey.
Every Israeli has his Miki, or David or Ron or Dafna.
A friend, a father, a brother, a son, even a mother or a daughter – and quite often more then one – that it is their day.
The day of the ones we miss and will never be back, the ones who were killed in battle, bombed, or murdered by terrorists.
We Take one day every year, so we can all remember what we lost, together, as a nation.
For me – it is the day of Mickey.
Every year – my memories are about Mickey.
Mickey was a young soldier, a friend, a Tank driver, a funny guy, a commander, a happy young man, he didn’t like the army too much, he was brilliant, he knew this is his duty, he wanted to live, he was an honest guy.
He was killed on January 26, 1992, only few days before his 3 years of military service had ended.

[Chami Zemach]

In memory of Mickey Levanon
לזכרו של מיקי לבנון

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