Government under fire over school ceiling safety plans

Government under fire over school ceiling safety plans


There are allegations the NSW government is trying to push back a bill that would require school children to stay in the classroom during school hours and to use child-safety equipment.

The bill was backed by a Labor-aligned crossbench by-election but has since been removed from the bill-drafting stage in Victoria after intense controversy.

The school safety bill was brought forward by the State Government in April and was supported by the schoo바카라l system and community.

It states parents and children will be protected from extreme heat and cold, electrical surges, noise and lightning strikes.

As expected the bill's co-sponsors were Liberal MPs and Labor MP Stephen Conroy.

Mr Conroy said he stood by the decision to support the bill, but was concerned the measure would be limited to schools in the north and west of Victoria.

"I understand that that is what people in north-west Victoria, and, in particular, to those children who are more at risk than those children within their school-age group in Victoria — this bill is only intended to apply to schools in the north," he said.

"I understand there was a suggestion to remove the provision for this sort of thing in the east of the state, I have said in the past that the purpose of our legislation was to make sure chil바카라dren are not at risk on any school night."

Mr Conroy also criticised the bill's lack of co-sponsors.

"If we did everything as part of the legislation to protect children in the north-east and the west and we weren't able to give them protection from extreme heat and cold, electricity surges and lightning strikes, why would I make myself that easy of an act of parliament?"

Mr Conroy said in the longer term the bill would be good for schools but was unlikely to help children with learning difficulties.

"There is no evide더킹카지노nce that children in that school system are more at risk than those children within their school-age group in Victoria," he said.

"In a couple of months' time there will be the chance to see how that will look.

"Our current laws are working great with great success and we are happy to continue to build those into the future.

"If we are not seeing an improvement we are not going to continue on as we are today."

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