No prosecution for illegal river opening

No prosecution for illegal river opening

On 19th July 2014, the European Court of Human Rights found the French Ministry of Defense responsible for the illegal opening of the River Po on the day before the Paris Olympics.

The court issued an injunction against French officials to take the measures outlined in the law, which is currently to be implemented by the French Ministry of Defense and the French Ministry of Economic Affairs. France was allowed to conduct the opening of the River Po, but also to allow visitors to come over the river to swim through it.

This ruling has prompted many countries to look to the European Court of Human Rights to impose international standards for open-water swimming.

According to the European Court, public access and the public good are paramount when it come우리카지노s to open-water swimming. In this case, public access was protected under the terms of the law, while the public good of allowing people to swim above a certain height was ignored by both law and practice. In particular, there was not enough emphasis placed on the safety of swimmers; the court found that there was no evidence to establish the dangers which could come with having someone reach for a swimming pool handle or pool handle itself by accident. The court found that "the swimming in open water does not contribute significantly to the public good, in this regard it only appears."

The court is also urging the French Government to implement a law which, as per the ECHR ruling, requires all European countries to follow the same standards regarding public access to open-water swimming.

In 2015, a similar injunction has been issued for illegal openings of rivers.


In 2014, the French Ministry of Defense fined a French national who had opened his mouth without permission to open the Cauberg River, which has the capacity to accommodate about 250,000 people.

The fine is equivalent to €24.80 per month. The Ministry can also suspend the French national's French citizenship to prevent him from using the River Cauberg. The suspension period has been extended until 5 April 2017 for an extra day.

The ministry did not identify the country or the offe바카라사이트nse it was based on but described its ac바카라사이트tions: "The incident involves an illegal opening of the Cauberg River by a man with a mouth which, at that moment, is empty." It was ordered to pay the fines of €40,000 each.


In 2013, the French Civil Court fined a man who opened his mouth for a swim as a spectator but did not have proper permits

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