Greece is on fire ???

We on The Israeli Family Project believe that most of the prejudices towards Israel and Israelis are based on the fact that most of the people don’t really know us.
Most of the lack in tourism to Israel (it could be much wider) based on the fact that when there is a certain incident somewhere in the country, some people believe it is everywhere.
That is why we did a small practice in Public diplomacy.
On August 1st we will start our journey in Greece as planned.
The newspapers say that Greece is on fire and it looks like a place where you don’t really want to go to these days.
But this is our course and only something really radical will make us change our plans.
So we called Mr. Yossi Bar, the Deputy Israeli Ambassador in Athens to ask him what really is happening now ?
Yossi explained that the economy is really bad and that there is a lot of rage and sometimes a few unexpected local strikes and that yesterday there was a big demonstration near the parliament. This area in the middle of Athens is not very convenient right now.
It sounds like something that we can live with.
It is also important that we will show our solidarity with the Greek people that suffer from huge economical problems now.
So Athens, here we come !

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