Scarlett met an Israeli Family

Skarlet learns to write her name in Englis. Louisville, Kentuckey. USA

Scarlett is a 5 years old pre-school student from Kentucky.

Few months ago she met with an Israeli Family when she was at school.

Scarlett spent one hour with Michal, an Israeli girl at her age.

Michal talked with Scarlett and her pre-school friends about her life in Israel.

They spoke about all the things that interest them and every question the kids had was answered by Michal or one of her older sisters: Gali (13) and Tamar (11).

Scarlett had a positive experience with an Israeli Family.

When she will grow older she will be able to decide what her opinions about Israel are, but it is very clear that when it comes to Scarlett, no one will be able to blacken Israel’s image based on her ignorance.

She met with an Israeli Family.

The Israeli Family. January, 2012.

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