Few words about The Israeli Family Project / November 2012



Early in the morning on August 1 2011, Oksana and Chami Zemach, a couple from a small village in the south of Israel, took a flight from Ben Gurion airport with their 3 daughters to start a worldwide tour called: The Israeli Family Project.

This family-made completely independent project was planned by the Zemachs for more than two years in order to expose the Israeli society and daily life in Israel to people around the world as the Zemachs found out that most of the people in the world know not more than a bit about the state of Israel and its people, but they do want to know much more as they are very much interested in Israel.

On the other hand – the Zemachs saw that what most of the people do know about Israel – comes mostly from the news reports that usually cover ‘the conflict’ issues when they believe Israel and its people are much more than only ‘the conflict’.

They decided that the world should know The Israeli Story much better and their inspiring tour through eleven European countries and twenty states in the USA took 7 months and contained more than three hundred programs with actually everyone who wanted to meet with them. They met people in churches and synagogues, in public schools and even pre-schools, in houses and in community centers; they met with mayors and leaders, with families and students and participated in many events and potlucks. They had wide media coverage in many cities and states around the world. In their programs Chami made lectures and showed a short film about their life in Israel; Oksana gave cooking sessions about her international Israeli kitchen; Gali and Tamar (13 and 11) sang and played music with kids their age. Michal (5) met with 5-7 years kids, told them a story about her life in Israel and played with them.

Coming back home few months ago they started creating a new organization that will be able to raise funds and produce greater activity which will be much more meaningful and will catch many more people around the world.

The Israeli Family organization (non-profit) will lead several meaningful projects that will bring people around the world to know much more about Israel and the Israeli people.

· The Israeli Family’s worldwide family missions (like the one the Zemachs made).

· Training institute for Israelis and non-Israelis who would like to become civil ambassadors of The Israeli Family.

· The Ask The Israeli Family Call Center will be able to answer any question anyone around the world has about Israel in every hour of the day, on line.

· Production and publication of movies and books about the Israeli society.

· Study programs will be developed and distributed for schools all over the world.

Join The Israeli Family Project and make it happen !

The Israeli Family Project Moshav Kadesh Barnea 43, 85513, Israel

Phone no: 972+(0) 8-6573993 E-mail: isrfamily@gmail.com

WWW.IL-FAMILY.COM find The Israeli Family on Facebook and Twitter

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