Letter to my dear friend Baroness Catherine Ashton


July 19, 2013

Dear Catherine,
Since you entered the office of the EU’s first High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, it gets harder for me to catch you on phone, so I will post here hoping you will open your Facebook before Shabbat.
I would kindly like to ask you, for the purpose of a more ethical world, to please bring this bill for a vote at the parliament of the European Union in Brussels. Please call this law: “The March of Folly”. This is how it goes:
“Governments, their citizens and their armies that took part or will take part in the Destruction, Killing, Murdering, Raping, Wounding, Burning their homes, Burying in mass graves, Gas poisoning, Drowning in Rivers and Seas, Imprisonment and Punishing to Death, Starving, Deporting, Bombing, Persecuting, Pounding their Towns and Villages, Putting under Siege, Positioning in front of Firing Squads, Sorting by Race, Attacking with Nuclear Weapon, Sacrificing and Exterminating, of more than One Hundred Million People; Will not have the right to criticize other countries that they believe don’t act so nicely, even if their leaders and representatives to the EU really really believe they are just right”.
I am sure that you and your distinguished colleagues understand the need for this law that will constantly remind you that European Education is not considered as the moral base for judging other societies.
Sincerely yours,
Chami Zemach, המשפחה הישראלית The Israeli Family

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