Zemach Family

Oksana (42) Chami (40) Yulia (22) Gali (13) Tamar (11) Michal (4)

We live in Moshav Kadesh Barnea since 2002.

Kadesh Barnea village is located in the Negev desert, on the south of Israel.

We came here from a city in the Tel Aviv area with intentions to create

something different from the regular life we had, something from ourselves.

Coming to the desert, living in a small community, among the endless sands was a big step.

It made us more involved in our surrounding and more aware to what we can change and make better.

We established a small factory called: Desert Magic, that manufactures special jams and sauces made of local fresh fruits and vegetables.

We also work with tourists. Working with tourists brought us to taking part in public diplomacy.

A lot of people from all around the world are coming to meet us in order to understand better the Israeli society, the Israeli values, the Israeli family life.



On the last few years our house is full with guitars.

6 Guitars welcomes you when you enter our house.

Most of the time, at least one is playing somewhere in the house.

We hear music all the time: Classic, Jazz, Rock, Pop.

Hebrew Songs, English songs, sometimes French and even Russian.

Cds, Old records, all kinds of Mps, You Tube clips, TV, Radio.



We have 2 very big – wooden self made – book walls with a lot of shelves.

A lot of books in the alley are still waiting for us to build the 3d.

We all read a lot. New books, old books, from different times and languages.

Some of them we inherited, some we bought, some we got, some we found.



The kitchen belongs to Oksana. No doubt.

Oksana creates a food full with tastes, Flavors and a big love. Food with the taste of home.

Our house is always ready for guests. In any numbers.

Chami is making Shakshuka on Saturday mornings.

Yulia likes to make Pasta when she comes for a visit.

Gali makes Bananas in cream and sugar. Tamar is making a biscuit cake.

Michal is making Jellies with Mommy and Schnitzels with Daddy.



Taking the car for a short drive in the desert: Dunes, Rocks, Antiques, small rivers.

A good movie or a theater show with a small coffee is a perfect evening fun.

Going to the lovely and much beloved Jerusalem on weekends from time to time.

Driving to the Galilee, trying new food at small restaurants on the way.


Public activities

On the last few years we are deep into it.

A lot of projects and initiatives, in the Moshav, in the area, in the country.

A lot of education and culture.

We talk and we do. Especially we try to do.


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3 Responses to Zemach Family

  1. iItzik Cokman says:

    i am so proud of you. i think your project is teriffic. I wish you the best and i hope that you can change some of the perseptions that we have. i live in the bay area San fransisco there is a ground swell of hatred for Israel here. I have tried on countless times to counter their hatred to no avail so i have come to the conclusion that anti semitism is a disese. a kol a kavod itzik

  2. joy Cohen says:

    Iam excited by your family’s journey and wish you the best of luck in your adventures. I look forward to hearing about you when you come to Canada in November. Canada is a very big country so I hope that you have included Toronto in your itinerary.
    Kol Hakavod, keep smiling and singing.
    Joy Cohen

    • abc xyz says:

      Hello Joy
      We will be in Toronto on the 2nd week of November. Please contact us before so we can inform you about our plans.
      If you feel you would like to try and organize a program, please let us know.

      Chami and Oksana Zemach

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