Oksana Zemach

17 October 1968

First I am a mother. For 22 years. I love being a mother. My daughters come before everything.

Eight years ago we established a small food factory in Kadesh Barnea.

The jams that my mother made when I was a girl were the recipes for the first products that we manufactured. There is where it all began.

I learned a lot: Geology, Geophysics, Economy, Engineering, Management, Marketing, and even chorus conducting.

I was born in Belarus, raised in a secret military base in Kazakhstan, learned in Moscow, gave birth in Jerusalem and now I’m home in Kadesh Barnea.


In the last few years I got addicted to playing the guitar and on the last few months also to Jazz and Blues music.

First Israeli music: Arkadi Duchin, Ehud Banai, Shuly Rand, Harel Skaat, Etti Ankri.

I am full of jealousy and appreciation to people who know how to make music.

The late Israeli Performer Benny Amdursky singing “I am a guitar” few months before he past away, is the most thrilling Israeli music for me.


I read dozens of books every year, but it took me a lot of years to start reading the books of French author Albert Camus.

His great novel “A Happy Death” had a big influence on me.

It was the only book that the moment I finished reading it, I opened it again and began reading it for the 2nd time.


Making a family meal at our house is not always simple. Everyone got their own preferences.

Tamar likes potatoes, Gali is looking for lettuce salad, Michal wants chicken with the ‘skin’, I like low fat dishes, Yulia is easy to buy with a slice of Entrecote, Chami eats everything.

During many years I developed a lot of patents how to get everyone what they like and not by standing in the kitchen for hours.


I run the production in our food factory and I am also the housewife.

Among everything I do all the other things.

I find my leisure time all between.

Public activities

For six years I organized the local culture in the village.

Doing for the community makes me feel good.

Maybe one day I will deal only with public activity. We’ll see.


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